We Are SootLess!

A Solar & Wind Company

We Are SootLess - A Solar Energy Company

We are a company that brings the best in renewable energy technology integrated with the latest in Internet of Things (IoT) covered by a worry-free, industry leading, 10-Year End-to-End warranty.

Our vision is to bring the best-in-class technology and make it available to Indian Market. We educate the customer on what is best in this market and how to get maximum return on their investment.

Based on our research, most of the products available in Indian Market have been designed after products that are available in the western market. However, those products are geared towards environment and grid conditions in western countries and are not necessarily best fit for Indian conditions.

We have been trying to fix a square peg in a round hole.

What we need is Products that are resilient to Indian environmental and Grid conditions.

We at SootLess Energy can provide you with the right choice.

Why settle for low quality when you a get a better quality solar PV system that lasts long?

Call us or email us to know more about solar PV and what options are available to you.

WE ARE SOOTLESS - A SOLAR ENERGY COMPANY (Well-versed Solar Power Installers for Industries & Apartments.

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